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Infant & Toddler Program

All parents are looking for a safe and secure place for their baby. At Spring House Early Learning, we don’t just teach your children, we care, and provide a nurturing environment for them. Our infant and toddler teachers spend the day caring for your child’s needs and wants, holding your child, and providing vast opportunities to learn.

Throughout the day, our teachers will work with your child to build language skills, learning skills, motor and social skills. Our infant and toddler classrooms are filled with toys, soft pillows, walking toys, music instruments, and at atmosphere that mirrors the home environment.

Preschool Program

Our two and three year old programs offers the first step to becoming long life learners through integrated, thematic, hands on experiences. Our teachers strongly believe it has to be in the hand before it gets to the brain. Learning is both educational and fun through opportunities such as science phonics, Drama, Art, Music and Dance. Letter and number recognition, letter sounds, shapes, sorting, counting, and distinguishing colors are highlighted. Fine motor skills are strengthened through cutting, coloring, tracing, and writing. Spanish begins at age three and continue through pre- kindergarten. Our toddlers will use the following components to prepare them for Pre-Kindergarten.

Pre-Kindergarten Program

Our Pre-Kindergarten program provides children with a strong foundation that helps prepare your child for kindergarten. Our curriculum provides for academic advancement and developmental growth. We combine Academics and Creative and Performing Arts to help them to improve their critical thinking skills and develop self confidence. Children naturally respond to music, dance, art and drama. Our curriculum helps them to excel in other areas such as mathematics, languages, and science. Where art and music are often considered areas of enhancement in other philosophies of education, at Spring House Early Learning, the disciplines of art and music, Spanish, science and physical education are integral parts of our core curriculum.

State Approved /Licensed Kindergarten and Afterschool for Grades  K-5

In our Kindergarten program, our teachers utilize whole group instruction as well as individualized learning to stimulate curiousity. Our Kindergarten students experience hands on activities that build confidence, foster independence, and enhance self esteem. Our objectives help our students stretch their intellectual boundaries gradually developing a strong foundation for school readiness through discovery, play, and instructional learning.

We currently use a structured curriculum that is approved throught the PA Department of Education for our core learning areas, math, reading, science, and social studies.


Enrichment Programs


This is a movement education program that uses basic gymnastics skills and positions to teach balance, coordination, confidence, and motor skill development in a progressive format. Obstacle courses, games, balls, hoops, and parachute are just some of the fun activities incorporated into the classes.


Dance is a wonderful way to build coordination and large motor skills. Our dance classes are weekly classes that combines tap, jazz, and ballet.

Art and Music

We believe in the transformative power of the arts, and how they can impact a child’s life. The positive impact that fuels a child’s drive and passion will carry with them through life.

Music has also been shown to help children academically. Children who play instruments and are involved in extra-curricular activities often do much better in school than those who don’t. The counting involved with playing an instrument, and especially the ability to read music, often gives children an advantage in mathematical courses.

Our weekly music lessons and artistic theory classes provide the children with opportunities to fully explore their imagination.


The benefits of teaching you kids to cook include understanding foods, self confidence, time management, understanding basic science, and increased creativity. It also teaches kids responsibility, eating healthy food and learning about the foods. In the long haul, the knowledge about the food they consume makes them aware of what they are taking into their bodies and helps them to control their diet. It also helps them to teach food safety, kitchen safety tips and how to manage their money if they had to purchase vegetables or other types of food.