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Springhouse Early Learning Mission Statement

"It is our whole hearted belief that children learn best through positive reinforcement, love, and creative education. We at Springhouse Early Learning will strive to teach your child and enrich their lives in a way that will carry on with them throughout their lives and help them grow into striving and successful pillars of their communities."


When a prospective parent or a visitor spends time at our facility, we hear a consistent message: There’s something special about this place.

It comes through in the sense of community and closeness that permeates every relationship here. Our teachers, children, staff and parents shares a profound sense mutual caring.

We believe that each child is special, and that it is love that will develop each child’s gifts and give them an appreciation of their own life and the lives of others.

Children thrive in this kind of environment.

There is a lot of talk these days in the educational community about “hidden curriculum,” the unstated cultural and social norms that children learn along side their formal training. These are the values they absorb while attending pre-school that, along with what they learn at home, help to shape their approach to life.

At Spring House Early Learning, we offer a creative approach to learning and developmental growth that teaches our children to embrace their individuality, to do and be their best. It is a curriculum that teaches children to respect others and to enjoy and be curious about their world.

In a world that does much to promote conformity, our children attend school with a collage of individuals, in a setting that encourages and nurtures appropriate individual expression. Spring House Early Learning provides a safe place for all of us to be ourselves, and a rich opportunity to appreciate the diversity of others.

You will always see our entire team go beyond the call of duty to motivate and teach their students to do their best and be their best. You will see the many, many parents who volunteer at the school each day, encouraging and supporting all our students as they grow and learn.

You will see this in the students themselves, who continue to amaze us in the way they care for each other, encourage and support each other to grow, to learn and to fully be themselves. These are students who will help to change our world and it is our distinct honor to serve them.